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To all participants of the IWB/SCOOTLE module,
To assist us with the planning for the day.
Please indicate in the table below which group you think you would like to be in for SCOOTLE.
Can you also give us some brief details on your experience with IWB's to help us prepare for the day.

Group 1 - New to SCOOTLE
Group 2- Scootle user

Please give brief details of level of competence
eg: Never used them before but school our school is purchasing some.
Armstrong Kate
Group 1
I use an IWB daily in the Library as T/L. We are purchasing 3 more. I would like to learn how to use their online resources.
Zahra Amie
Group 1
I have an IWB in my classroom and use it daily. I have not heard of Scootle before now.
Davis Pat
Group 2
use IWB for internet games; three boards in school; want to make own notebook lessons
O'Loughlin Toni

Hoctor Gavan

Taylor Vanessa
Group 1
I have no experience with IWB/Scootle. School is purchasing some.
Brown Hermina

I have been playing around with notebook for the past few weeks. Know how to use some of the tools. I do not know what a scootle is. We have one IWB at the school in the library but it has had problems for a while and today was the first day I had direct play with it since we got it.
Burgess Karen

Clarke Anne

I have no experience of IWB/Scootle.
Kellow Christina
Group 2
Have used IWB for games from Internet
Dall'Asta Nicole

I have access to an IWB as we have one per grade at our school. Have done some work with Notebook. I don't know anything about Scootle.
Young Steven
Group 2
I have not used an IWB.
Scales Naomi

Hanns Vanessa
Group 1
Have never used either.
Denmeade Tamara
Group 1
Have looked at scootle and IWB, but not really used them.
Ross Ben
Group 1
Theoretical only. Limited use during workshops.
Nick Garner
Group 2
use scootle often but dont know what a IWB is.
Susan Surreau
Group 1
Have never used IWB, we are getting some in HSIE dept soon. I would like to learn more about the IWB online resources. Haven't really used scootle either. I teach History and Society and Culture so I would like to learn about and find resources relevant to my subject area.