Name: Steven Young
School: Corpus Christi Catholic High School
Corpus Christi has an integrated curriculum so I teach all subjects, however, I am trained as a PDHPE teacher.
I teach with a PDHPE theme most of the time.

Interests & hobbies:

Photography - My Flickr
external image 3317927370_bec7d63c4b_m.jpgexternal image 3351694521_7bd7fc28fb_m.jpgexternal image 3165711893_21dda0b9ac_m.jpg
Also enjoy playing with most technology
Sporting interests: swimming, cricket and rugby league

Technologies 4 Learning
Created a "survey monkey" survey for a year 7 class. It is on road safety, and it went well. Provided a lot of positive discussion especially when viewing the results. Will use again, possibly set up a pre-test for the next unit of work. Found "survey monkey" useful and easy to use

Publishing in Web 2.0 environment
In publishing in a web 2.0 environment we looked at various tools that could be used to publish student work or place teaching material on the web for student use. These tools included:
You tube
Slide Share

Here is a animoto video that has been exported to 'you tube' and then embedded in this page

This is an example of a Voki

Get a Voki now!

Looked at using Keynote as a tool to create animations. The brilliant Dom Ferrante showed us how to use the draw tool and after lunch we cut a picture and turned it into an animation. This is my attempt.