Vanessa Hanns
Year 1 Teacher
Ss Peter & Paul, Kiama

I'm currently in my third year teaching Year 1 at Kiama, and have a challenging class of 20 (mostly boys). I have limited access to technology in my classroom at the moment & similarly limited skills. I want to improve these skills to be able to design more interesting learning experiences for my class.


Module 2: Global Connections
We looked at an overview of various sites that could be useful for our classroom learning. I spent time signing up for epals and looking for suitable buddies for my year 1 class. I had a go at putting photos & music together in animoto which was really easy and will very useful for all sorts of things. I checked out an amazing Year 1 blog page on Voices of the World from Australia and was inspired to find out more about creating one for my class. It showed me how all the elements from epals, animoto, VOKI & Voices of the World come together to create interesting learning experiences and forums for all ages.