Hi my name is Trish. I work at St Anthony's Picton. I teach Year 5 and also have the Role as Sports Coordinator. I joined this course for my own professional development after moving from infants (after many years) to update the skills I already have. I enjoy making imovies, so I am very interested in looking at the imovie 09 as well as iLife-iWork for the benefit of experimenting with different ways of presenting things.
St Anthony's has open plan/team teaching classrooms. Last year I was in a beautiful/ large new building. This year I am in a standard closed classroom. However my grade partner(s) and I have utilised three classrooms spaces to teach across the grade in a team teaching situation.
Today I created a Blog for use in our year 5 classroom. We are studying the book "How to Eat Fried worms". The blog allows the students to view a trailer of the movie and then comment if the characters are what they imagined they would look like and leave a comment. As the unit progresses I hope the children will be adding their own recipes.