Toni O'Loughlin

Nazareth Catholic Primary School Shellharbour
Kindergarten Teacher DSC00530.JPG
My classroom is an open-plan setting and I team teach with my grade partner. I have had a Smartboard installed in my classroom this year which has encouraged me to improve my IT skills. Next term we are exploring seasons as a part of our Integrated Unit.

Module #2- Global Connections
Today i explored tools on the web that assist to build connections bewteen classrooms from around the globe. I particularly liked the epals site where i made contact with a Kindergarten Teacher in New York who would like to email and explore similarities/differences between our classes. I intend to utilise Global Connections within my classroom through this means, using email and sending images, writing samples etc. to communicate. I will make links to the KLA of Literacy, exploring text types and skills such as editing, as well as joint/guided writing sessions. It will also be used for our shared reading experience.

Module #3- Learning Technologies for the Early Learner
Today we explored programs that can be used in the ES1/S1 classroom which incorporate Information and communication technology. Some of the programs we explored included Powerponit, SAM animation, 2simple software,slowmation, Voicethread and Flickrcc. We also had a guest speaker from the Sydney Diocese who shared a wonderful Integrated unit all about chickens. I thoroughly enjoyed today's module as it detailed very practical programs that are readily available for use within my classroom. I feel confident using this software to enhance the leaning of my students in my classroom. From listening to Nicole, i will attempt to incorporate the programs of Voicethread and 2simple software within my Taskboard sessions each day to present to the children different forms of Literary texts. I feel more capable and relaxed about incorporating IT into my classroom after participating in today's module as i can see i do not have to completely change my program, however use the tools of IT to enhance my teaching of the current program. I particularly liked the idea of using youtube videos for shared reading experiences where you can freeze it at any moment and use the drawing tools on the smartboard to label important features or make comments.