Hi, I'm Tamara. After six years doing casual teaching I've made the short step into full time teaching. I'm teaching Year 4 with Ben at OLHC Rosemeadow this year. My grade partner and I have combined classes to teach one big Year Four! Scary but exciting. We both hope to get our students more excited about learning and give them richer learning experiences, using the technology tricks we pick up along the way :)

Module 2: Blogs and Wikis
Today's module was interesting. I can see how I could use both Wikis and Blogs in the classroom. Having just started a personal portfolio for the students in my class, I'm going to try and create an electronic version using a wiki...we'll see how that goes.

As for Blogs - bring on task time! It will be great to put up the tasks for the students' inquiry and just let them go with not a whole lot of teacher interruption. As well as keeping in touch with parents and having somewhere to upload the photos that we take.

I really need to take away everything we've learnt today and organise it in my head! There is so much potential for it, even with my year four students.