Nicole Dall'Asta
Year One Teacher
Nazareth Catholic Primary School

We have recently had Smartboards installed in each grade and this has encouraged me to improve my IT skills to enhance teaching and learning in our classroom. Next term we are looking at Life Cycles as an Integrated unit and I am hoping to be able to use some skills from this course.

Module #2 - Technologies for the ES1/S1 Learner
Tuesday, 5th May 2009
Today we participated in a module aimed at incorporating the use of technologies in Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 classrooms. This module looked at using software such as Power Point, 2 Simple, Sam and Voice Thread. We examined ways of integrating technology so that it is meaningful and is used as a tool for enhancing student achievement, rather than as a set of skills taught in isolation. This day was very hands on and we were provided with practical ideas for incorporating these technologies. We were also provided time in which we could examine our own programs to find ways of enhancing them through the incorporation of technology. I have plenty of new ideas that I can't wait to try out, and I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity
to participate in this day!