Name Liz T

I work at St Johns at Dapto, and have been there for several years. This year I am teaching Year 2 and there are three classes in this year level. I enjoy using technology with the children, but it presents more of a challenge with the younger students, but it is worth the effort. We are completing units on The way we were and Toyworld next term. im a year 6 student at your school in 6 green.

Early learning module - some very useful starters, but will need a lot of home time to follow up on software and their applications
Nicole had some great ideas, but she moved too quickly and did not explain how to start and utilise software. When she was questioned she did do this for us, but she expected everybody to be up and running with the software that she was using. She has spent a huge amount of time in organising, and she certainly gave us lots of ideas to vary our use of technology.
Good to have some ideas which focus on early primary.

"Animation - good to have choices. I went with Sam as it is more suitable for the infant class that I teach. It was good to experiment with several different forms of animation using Sam. It is quite simple, but has limitations too. I have thought of several ways in which it can be used by the children. It was also great to get some introduction to using Keynote by Dom. The fact that some of its features are close to Photoshop helped with using it for the first time. Great ideas for older class levels. Certainly allows children to be creative."