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Hi guys
My name is Lino Madaschi and I am a Year 6 teacher at St. johns dapto school dapto. I have 31 students.
We are currently studying Democracy.
I hope to learn more about some applications to use with my class during the coming months.

See ya.

MODULE #2 - Global Connections
Today I looked at a couple of things that I may be able to use in my classroom. I found parts of "The Jason Project" and "Reach The World" portals helpful and motivating. I can plan a number of different activities/lessons that support the learning of outcomes. I can see the benefits of using these resources as they are real and current. Children can learn about other cultures, countries, students their own age and scientific projects that benefit all concerned right from their very own classroom.
See ya next time.

BLOGS and WIKIS... Tuesday 5th May, 2009.
I really enjoyed today because I can confidently say I have found something manageable to use in my classroom. Wikis can assist in my teaching/learning and open students to a wide world of opportunities. Well done to Mark and Sherryn.

Today presented a good opportunity to learn about different ways in which we could publish student/teacher work. It is quite a powerful thing to know that there is a world audience just waiting to eat up the contributions we have to share.
Well done guys.
Thanx again....Lino hi mr madaski i am one of your students in 6 red.
hi mr Madaschi I'm one of your students in 6Red ~C