Hi, my name is Kristen King. I teach Year 1 at Mary Immaculate Primary School, Eagle Vale. This year, I have been given the opportunity to take on a coodinator role at my school. I am responsible for updating the school website and supporting IT within the school. I am hoping to gain knowledge through this course that will assist in this role. Also, I would like to learn to use IT more effectively in my classroom. Next term, Year 1 will be learning about Living Things.

MODULE 1: Global Connections
I am interested in connecting my class with other classes from around the world. I would like them to explore the differences between our culture, school life, interests etc and theirs. I hope to integrate this into text writing as we will be emailing our ePals.

MODULE 2: ICLT in and Early Learning Classroom
Today I gained a lot of ideas for using ICLT in my Stage 1 classroom. I am looking forward to exploring Sam Animation and Voice Thread at home. Hopefully I will be able to integrate these technologies into my Living Things unit this term. I would like the class to produce an animation this year either as a collaborative project or in small groups. I think that after a small amount of modeling the children should be able to use the software.

MODULE 3: Animation
I really enjoyed today. It was a practical day where I could explore the tools that I will be asking my students to use. I feel that I am now confident enough to teach them to use SAM Animation. I made a claymation of a Frog Life Cycle. It only took me 1 hour to create all of my clay pieces, to take photos of each stage and to create a short movie in SAM. I think this would be really simple for my students to do and a fun way for them to show their understanding of various topics rather than always doing written assessments.