Get a Voki now!

Hi everyone my name is Kate and I am the Teacher/librarian at St.Paul's Primary School Moss Vale.( I think I am the only T/L in this course so far.) I teach from K-6 mainly in the areas of HSIE, Science and Tech and English. We have just installed a smartboard in the Library and I am very lucky to have it at my fingertips. It is a wonderful tool, though I am still on my L plates! Stage 3 are studying State and Federal Governments and have been researching Australian Prime Ministers during their Library lessons. Currently they are organising and presenting their information using slideshows and hopefully I will incorporate a blog this term.

Today's module was great. I now know what a blog is and how it can be used to encourage student participation in a new format. Blogs can link a variety of topics and also provide multi media experiences for students. It was great to create the blog I plan to use with Year 6 "Our Environment Matters" and leave the module ready to take on the next steps to refine and improve the blog. I am going to set myself the task of creating a worthwhile blog for Year 6. My aim is to encourage them to use it as a forum to express their opinions while they are researching many types of environmental change.