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Hi my name is Cathy
I am currently teaching at St Joseph's Bulli. I am fortunate to be teaching a wonderful year one class.
We are a 'thinking class' and have been learning about how our brains work and how we best learn and remember information.
We are working on Wet and Dry Environments and the impact humans have on these environments


Learning technologies 4 early stage 1 and stage 1

Worthwhile day with interesting input from guest speaker Nicole. The way she is able to use technology for a variety of purposes using simple and child friendly applications was inspiring. I think that we all came away from the day with at least one thing we can try in our classrooms in the up and coming weeks. The time given to us to 'play' with applications is invaluable. I feel confident I can go back to my school and help our staff with 2Simple and SAM animation and also use these in the classroom for a variety of purposes.

Get a Voki now!

Very informative today, I feel confident to show other staff members how to create posterous, slideshare, and animoto.
Thanks Sherryn and Mark