Hi I'm Amie
I am a kindergarten teacher at Holy Cross in Helensburgh. We have a relatively small school and I have the only kindergarten class in the school.
We have just had two Smartboards installed in our school, one of which is in our library and the other is in my classroom. It is a fantastic tool to use with the children, allowing them to have hands on interaction with technology every day.

Module # 2- Global Connections

The Global Connections session that we investigated today allowed me to explore a range of sites and resources available which will help me to communicate with classes overseas.
I was particularly interested in the Voices of the Worldsite mainly because it does not require my kindergarten students to have to write too much as they are just learning this skill in itself. This site has provided me with a range of communication ideas, both visual and auditory that I can investigate with my students. The appeal of this site was also that the projects appear very age appropriate which was something I was afraid I wouldn't find. Unfortuately the site has been created by a teacher in Scotland and the Scotish school year is coming to an end, therefore the creator does not appear to be available to contact. I am hoping however to contact another kindergarten class overseas using epals who might be interested in sharing information, artwork etc so that we can compare differences in language, seasons, clothing, celebrations etc.

Module # 3 - Early Learning Technologies
Todays session on Early Learning Technologies was fantastic. It provided me with an opportunity explore resources that directly apply to young learners. The small group situation allowed us to communicate ideas, question and investigate the various tools ourselves.
Nicole was wonderful, her ideas and the practical application of technology in her classrooms was facinating. More appealing was the fact that she did not only talk about how she used technology but also provide evidence of the success of it.
The exploration of
sam animation , voice thread and the 2simple graphics programme were great, as I could see myself using these resources in my classroom due to their simplicity of use.